China Good quality Smooth High-Speed Router Machine Part Lm6uu Linear Guide Rail Bearing carrier bearing

Product Description

Product Description

Linear bearings are a linear motion system for the combination
of linear travel and cylindrical shafts. Because the bearing balls are
in contact with the outer point of the bearing, the steel ball rolls with
the minimum frictional resistance, so the friction of the linear bearing
is small and stable, and does not change with the bearing speed, so
the linear motion can obtain high sensitivity and high precision. The
consumption of linear bearings also has its limitations. The most
important is that the impact load capacity of the bearings is poor
and the bearing capacity is poor. Secondly, the linear bearings
have large vibration and noise at high speeds.


Linear bearings are made of cages in which the balls are
guided together with raceway segments and seals or shields.
Linear bearings are capable of carrying heavy loads and can be
used with closed or adjustable housings. We manufacture high
quality linear bearings in chrome steel or stainless steel with
hardened outer sleeves. There are also adjustable diameter
series chrome steel linear ball bearings with hardened jackets.
Our factory produces open linear ball bearings, with jacket
hardened balls and hardened steel ball cages. All FOCUS products
are of the highest quality and are designed to fully meet your
precision parts needs. Our technicians and engineers will also
work on customizing linear bearings to meet your individual needs.


Our Advantages

High precision, low noise, high speed, long life, high reliability, heavy load and high temperature resistance.
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Q: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are factory.

Q: Can I get a sample to check out the quality?
A: Sure, free samples are available for stock products if you can pay for the shipping cost.

Q: What if I receive defective products for my order?
A: All our bearings are 100% inspected strictly before packing. If any defective products received, please provide photos and video to show us the problem and help us improve the quality. New products will be sent to you as replacement if the probelm is product quality.

Q: When can I get the price?

A: after we get your inquiry, usually within 2-6 hours. Urgent will be faster.

Q:what can you buy from us?
A:Wheel bearing,Automobile hub unit bearing,Automobile tapered roller bearing,Deep groove ball bearing,Automobile air conditioner bearing.

 Other models

LM linear bearing LM 3UU, LM 4UU, LM 5UU, LM 6UU, LM 8UU, LM 10UU, LM 12UU, LM 13UU, LM 16UU, LM 20UU, LM 25UU, LM 30UU, LM 35UU, LM 40UU, LM 50UU, LM 60UU, LM 80UU, LM 100UU, LM 120UU, LM 150UU

LM Open Series

linear bearing

LB linear bearing LB 6UU, LB 8UU, LB 10UU, LB 12UU, LB13 UU, LB16UU, LB 20UU, LB25UU, 
LB 30UU, LB 35UU, LB 40UU, LB 50UU, LB 60UU, LB 80UU, LB 100UU, LB120UU, LB 150UU
LM E Linear bearing LME 5UU, LME 8UU, LME 12UU, LME 16UU, LME 20UU, LME 25UU, LME 30UU, LME 40UU, LME 50UU, LME 60UU, LME 80UU
LM  L linear bearing LM 6LUU, LM 8LUU, LM 10LUU, LM 12LUU, LM 13LUU, LM 16LUU, LM 20LUU, LM 25LUU, LM 30LUU, LM 35LUU, LM 40LUU, LM 50LUU, LM 60LUU
KH type linear bearing KH 0622PP,KH 0824PP, KH 1026PP, KH 1228PP, KH 1630PP, KH 2030PP, 
KH 2540PP, KH 3050PP, KH 4060PP, KH5070PP

Steel Cage

Linear Bearing

LM 12GA, LM 16GA, LM 20GA, LM 25GA, LM 30GA, 
LM 12M, LM 16M, LM 20M, LM 25M, LM30M
SDM series Stell cage linear bearing(As same as Ease SDM series) SDM 16, SDM 20, SDM 25, SDM 30, SDM 35, SDM 40, SDM 50, SDM 60, SDM 80, SDM 100, SDM120, SDM150
SK Linear bearing SK 10, SK 12, SK 13, SK 16, SK 20, SK 25, SK 30, SK 35, SK 40
SHF Linear bearing SHF 10, SHF 12,  SHF 13, SHF 16, SHF 20, SHF 25, SHF 30, SHF 35, SHF 40

Flange type

linear bearing




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Feature: Corrosion Resistant, High Speed
Function: Super
Flange Shape: Circular
Shape: Flange
Series: LM
Material: Chrome Steel
US$ 10/Set
1 Set(Min.Order)

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linear bearing

Differences between Open-Type and Closed-Type Linear Bearings

Open-type and closed-type linear bearings are two common variations used in linear motion systems, each with its own advantages and considerations:

  • 1. Open-Type Linear Bearings:

Open-type linear bearings, as the name suggests, have an open design that allows easy access to the bearing’s rolling elements and raceways. These bearings are characterized by:

  • Quick Maintenance: Open-type bearings are easier to clean, lubricate, and inspect due to their open structure, making maintenance more convenient.
  • Increased Contamination Risk: Because they are exposed, open-type bearings are more susceptible to dust, debris, and contamination, which can affect their performance and lifespan.
  • 2. Closed-Type Linear Bearings:

Closed-type linear bearings are enclosed within a housing or carriage that provides protection from external elements. These bearings offer the following features:

  • Enhanced Contamination Protection: Closed-type bearings are less vulnerable to contaminants and offer improved protection against dust, dirt, and debris, leading to longer service life.
  • Reduced Accessibility: Maintenance and inspection of closed-type bearings might be more complex due to the need to disassemble the housing or carriage for access.
  • Reduced Noise: The enclosed design of closed-type bearings can contribute to reduced noise levels, which is advantageous in noise-sensitive applications.

Choosing between open-type and closed-type linear bearings depends on the specific requirements of the application. If easy maintenance and accessibility are crucial, open-type bearings might be preferred. On the other hand, closed-type bearings offer better protection against contaminants and reduced noise, making them suitable for environments where cleanliness and quiet operation are essential.

linear bearing

Role of Linear Bearings in Heavy Load and High Precision Applications

Linear bearings are essential components in applications that require the combined capabilities of handling heavy loads and maintaining high precision. They serve a critical role in such scenarios:

  • Heavy Load Handling:

Linear bearings are designed to support and guide heavy loads along a linear path. They distribute the weight evenly, reducing friction and wear on the moving components and ensuring smooth and stable movement.

  • Precision Motion Control:

Linear bearings enable precise and accurate control over the motion of heavy loads. This precision is crucial in applications where components need to be positioned or moved with extremely fine tolerances.

  • Reduced Friction:

Linear bearings are engineered to minimize friction between moving parts, even under heavy load conditions. This not only improves efficiency but also enhances the accuracy of movement.

  • Smooth Movement:

Linear bearings provide smooth and consistent movement, ensuring that heavy loads can be guided and positioned without jarring or sudden stops. This is particularly important for applications requiring controlled and gentle motion.

  • Reduced Wear and Maintenance:

By reducing friction and wear, linear bearings extend the operational lifespan of heavy-load equipment. This translates to lower maintenance requirements and longer intervals between servicing.

  • Optimized Performance:

Linear bearings contribute to the overall performance of heavy-load systems by allowing them to operate smoothly, accurately, and reliably. This is critical in applications where precision and consistency are paramount.

  • Wide Range of Industries:

Linear bearings find application in various industries, including manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, and heavy machinery, where heavy loads need to be moved with high precision.

Overall, linear bearings serve as a cornerstone in applications that demand the simultaneous management of heavy loads and precise movement. They ensure that heavy machinery and equipment can function efficiently and accurately while maintaining the safety and integrity of the entire system.

linear bearing

Design Principles and Functionalities of Linear Bearings

Linear bearings are designed with specific principles to facilitate controlled linear motion along a single axis. These design principles contribute to their functionalities, making them essential components in various applications:

  • Rolling Elements:

Linear bearings typically feature rolling elements, such as balls or rollers, that move along a track or rail. These rolling elements reduce friction and enable smooth linear motion.

  • Guiding Mechanism:

Linear bearings incorporate a guiding mechanism to constrain the motion to a single axis. This guiding mechanism ensures that the linear bearing moves precisely along the desired path.

  • Load Distribution:

The design of linear bearings allows for effective distribution of loads, both in the radial and axial directions. This load distribution ensures stability and prevents excessive stress on individual components.

  • Rail or Track:

Linear bearings typically run along a rail or track that provides a smooth and accurate path for the rolling elements. The rail is designed to resist wear and maintain its precision over time.

  • Cage or Carriage:

Linear bearings use a cage or carriage to house the rolling elements and maintain their proper spacing. This arrangement ensures even load distribution and smooth movement.

  • Sealing and Lubrication:

Linear bearings often incorporate sealing mechanisms to protect the rolling elements from contaminants and to retain lubrication. Proper lubrication ensures smooth motion and extends the bearing’s lifespan.

  • Mounting Options:

Linear bearings are designed to be mounted in various ways, depending on the application’s requirements. Mounting options include flange-mounted, base-mounted, or end-supported configurations.

  • Adjustability:

Many linear bearings are designed with provisions for adjustment, allowing users to fine-tune the preload or clearance to optimize performance and minimize play.

  • Materials:

Linear bearings are constructed from materials that offer high wear resistance, durability, and corrosion resistance. Common materials include steel, stainless steel, and various engineering plastics.

  • Accessories:

Accessories such as end caps, seals, and lubrication systems can enhance the functionality and lifespan of linear bearings by providing protection and ensuring proper maintenance.

Functionalities of linear bearings include providing precise linear motion, guiding components along a defined path, minimizing friction, distributing loads, and maintaining stability. The design principles ensure reliable operation and make linear bearings indispensable in applications requiring controlled and accurate linear motion.

China Good quality Smooth High-Speed Router Machine Part Lm6uu Linear Guide Rail Bearing   carrier bearingChina Good quality Smooth High-Speed Router Machine Part Lm6uu Linear Guide Rail Bearing   carrier bearing
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